About us

Stéphanie Zeller,
Lawyer at the Paris Bar
Founder of Cabinet Zeller
The firm was founded in 2001 by Stéphanie ZELLER, Franco-German lawyer, registered with the Paris Bar since 1996. Over the past fifteen years, the firm has developed dual expertise in intellectual property, on the one hand, and in law. international distribution / economic law, on the other hand.

Stéphanie ZELLER, holder of a Master 2 in literary, artistic and literary property from the University of Paris II, frequently intervenes for the protection, promotion and defense of the intellectual property rights of her clients (copyright, trademarks, designs and models, patents and unfair competition).

She operates mainly in the luxury (fashion, perfumes, leather goods, accessories), design and artistic creation sectors. She is the appointed advisor to the Association of Exhibition Scenographers.
As lawyer at the Paris Bar, Gabrielle Pierre-Lenfant practices both in counsel and in litigation in the field of intellectual property law, particularly in trademark law, copyright and patent law, as well as surrounding matters such as than unfair competition and parasitism.

She advises French and foreign clients in intellectual property disputes before national courts, as well as French and European intellectual property offices. She also assists clients in negotiating and drafting contracts.

Before joining us, Gabrielle completed several internships with IP lawyers, industrial property counsel ("CPI") and within the legal department of companies that are leaders in their markets in the wines and spirits sector, as well as in the chemical industry.

Gabrielle holds a Master II in Intellectual Property and Commercial Law from CEIPI (2016), as well as International Business Law from the University of Aix-Marseille (2014), education that she received after having notably studied at the University College Dublin (2012).

Gabrielle is a member of the executive committee of the Alumni Association of CEIPI.
Gabrielle Pierre-Lenfant,
Lawyer at the Paris Bar




Copyright assignment or licensing agreements

Production or publishing agreements, Right clearance

IP rights infringement and/or unfair competition litigation

Seizure of counterfeit goods, online bailiff reports and customs seizures



Due diligence regarding trademarks portfolios, audit through assessment of the value & risk of trademark assets

Trademark filing and registration procedures before INPI, EUIPO and WIPO

Trademark licensing, assignment and coexistence agreements

Trademark infringement and/or unfair competition litigation

Infringement seizure procedure, bailiff reports, customs seizures



Due diligence regarding designs and protection strategy audit

Designs filing and registration procedures before INPI, EUIPO and WIPO

Designs licensing, assignment and subcontracting agreements

Designs infringement and/or unfair competition litigation

Infringement seizure procedure, bailiff reports and customs seizures



Negotiation of patent licensing, assignment and co-ownership agreements, technology transfer agreements

Compensation for employee inventors

Infringement litigation, Invalidity action, patent claim action

Ingringement seizure procedure, purchase or online bailiff reports



Drafting of selective and exclusive distribution agreements

International trade contracts and tariff regulations

Termination of long-standing commercial relations

Litigation relating to the commercial agent's termination indemnity

Contractual liability action



Legal auditing of websites

Drafting of the general conditions of use

Selective distribution on the internet

Protection and monitoring of domain names

Protection of personal data