Our Cabinet has a proven practice in copyright and related rights, both in the field of applied arts (fashion, beauty, entertainment, advertising, etc.), as in that of pure creations, including music, audiovisual and graphic arts.
We support you in your projects to ensure the protection of your works and their enhancement, in particular by implementing licensing agreements. The management of litigation and infringement proceedings includes collaboration with the online content sharing platforms.
We also represent clients on art matters in the context of artists’ estates and disputes concerning artistic forgeries.


  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts, such as assignment agreements, licences, audiovisual production agreements, publishing contracts
  • Defence before the courts : Infringement and/or unfair competition actions, IP discovery proceedings (“saisie-contrefaçon“), customs seizures and internet report
  • Pre-litigation and litigation in the field of art in the context of artists’ successions, rights management, artistic forgeries


  • We represent the interests of a publisher of technical drawings in an action for infringement and unfair competition
  • We represent the interests of the beneficiaries of an artist (sculptures and drawings) in the context of a judicial division of the estate
  • Defence of the rights of an artist concerning the use of a work as a stage set